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Who Is Troy D. Smith?

A reasonable question! I am an author -I work in a variety of genres. My work has appeared in several venues since my first short story appeared in 1995. Since 1998 I have been a member of Western Writers of America, and in that same year one of my short nonfiction pieces was a finalist for the Spur Award. My first novel, Bound for the Promise-Land, was a Spur Award winner in 2001, as well as a finalist for the Medicine Pipe Bearer's Award. I earned my PhD in history at the University of Illinois in 2011, and since then have been teaching history at Tennessee Tech.

I will be including information on this site about my upcoming works. I will also be including samples of my poetry and short fiction -these samples will be rotated from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by. Drop in again anytime -you may find something new.